Friday, February 11, 2011

A Date with A Unicorn Part 18: Hiding my Imperfections

When I first started dating Mr. Unicorn, I told him that I was all about clumsiness and candor. First, that for some reason, my entire life, I had been just about the most clumsy, most hazardously-inclined person, I had ever met. I trip over things and bump into walls and table corners. Spill food and drinks. Break glasses and plates. Stumble and Fall. If there is a knob that can fall off a light switch, I've dismantled it. I've knocked crystals off of chandeliers. I've broken more than a few cell phones and even more phone chargers. I get tears in clothes and stains on pants. I've opened a window only to have the glass completely shatter. It's a problem.

I'm sure there is some genetic, scientific, neurological reason for this. Maybe I'm pigeon-toed or have poor spacial awareness or it has something to do with my eye sight perception or my posture and stance. Maybe the left side of my body is 1/4 an inch shorter than the right. But whatever it is, I have functioned in the world without discovering the ultimate source and without any major catastrophes, as of yet. (*Knock on wood*). Mostly, it just makes me feel mortifyingly embarrassed and nervous around nice things and frustrated (when it happens yet again or I ruin a blouse or have to fess up to another person that I've damaged something that belongs to them).

I told Mr. U about all of this. "If we continue dating," I explained, "at some point or another, you will without a doubt have something spilled on one of your shirts. Permanently. And I will feel bad." His only response, without flinching or batting an eye, was this: "I look forward to it."

That simple phrase: "I look forward to it," in reference to one of my most secret flaws (I try to hide this lack of grace at all costs around most people) was one of the many things Mr. U said and did in the beginning that made me think he just might be for real and we might just really work out.

But despite his being forewarned of my defect in this area and his promise to be patient, I still wasn't quite ready to let him see this unfortunate side of myself. So I would attempt, as you will see, to conceal it. For the most part, however, I hadn't had to hide anything as my accident-prone ailings had not surfaced during our time together...Until...this morning. When all hell --broke loose.

First, I knocked down the shower basket (whatever you call that thing that holds all your soaps and shampoos that sticks against the wall with whatever you call those suction pucker things). "Sorry," I said. "It's okay." He said. (I knew this one was okay). (And I had to admit this one, because he was on deck for the bathroom next.) As he hung the device back in its proper place along the tiles, I went to turn the dimmer switch up to provide more light. And then the knob fell off. "Sorrrrryyyyy!" I said "No problem," he said. (He saw this one happen, as he was standing right next to me). And then...

While Mr. U was in the shower, I started to get dressed. And the T-Tornado just kept rolling through...

I spilled a glass of water. All over the bed-side dresser. And down into and on top of all the contents in the open dresser drawer. Major, major - fail. I went into the kitchen and got as many paper towels as I could and came back to sop up the damage. Of course, I couldn't hide this one either. So when Mr. U came out of the shower, I just looked at him with an expression that a puppy might use when it knows its peed inside the house and been bad. "Sorrrrreeeeeeeey," I said. "What now?" he looked at me incredulously. "I spilled some water," I explained, my eyes avoiding contact with his. He walked over to assess the damage. And then I watched him pull out his WALLET and one by one pull ones and fives and tens and twenty and then fifty dollar bills out of his wallet and lay them out individually on top of paper towels on the bed to dry. And then shake out his nice, leather wallet completely soaked. "Sorry." I said again. "I'm so sorry." "It's okay, it's okay," he assured me. Though I couldn't help but wonder if he was actually starting to get annoyed or not. Maybe he felt like he was starting to deal with a small child here with sticky hands and a penchant for running them along the walls leaving fingerprints behind.

And then the unthinkable happened. I went to pick up my duffel bag from the floor to finish packing my things, when I realized, IN HORROR, that a bottle of blue liquid medicine had SPILLED on his perfect Persian rug. HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD. (Sorry for those who don't like the Lord's name taken in vain but must be said, even again...) HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

This I was not admitting to. I could not. I would not. Panic set in. And then resolve. Resolve to clean up this mother effin mess before he saw it. What to do? How to get him out of this room? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely man that he is, he will always makes me coffee. And/or breakfast. If I ask. Which I did. After I heard him puttering around the kitchen, safely down the hall and out of sight, I rushed into the bathroom. Soaked a wash cloth in water and set to work in the corner of the bedroom scrubbing and rubbing the rug with abandon. And as if finding Mr. U wasn't enough luck for one person to deserve in a single calendar year, the blue came out. Mostly anyways. But it came out. Enough that he probably wouldn't notice. For awhile. And in the mean time I could try to get at it, with more powerful cleaning substances, at a later date and time. I hoped.

Mr. U, totally unaware of my faux pas and swift remedy, brought me my treats and then we both finished getting ready for work. Then we put on our coats and hats and stepped outside into the Dupont morning. I couldn't get out of that blue-stained rug room fast enough! And then oh how beautiful it was this morning. To be outside and freed from my failings. Blue skied and crisply cold, not bone-chilling cold as it has been. We strolled to work together taking in all of downtown waking up to start the day. And a Fri - day, no less. Everyone and everything seemed to cheerfully be anticipating the weekend. Every car, every pedestrian, ever bar front. All was right and clean and fresh in my world again.

We arrived at my office first. "Have a great day," he chirped at me and leaned over to kiss me. I gave him a big hug and squeezed him. "Ooooooh, thank you for being so good to me," I praised him. "You deserve it," he said back. And I pulled away from him...I saw it. Oh. No. Just - NO. There it was. A lipstick stain. A giant lipstick stain. On his expensive, starched, dress shirt. FML. Just Fuck. My. Life.

A vision of our future lives flashed before my eyes. Living in a shitty house with shitty furnishings. Our friends come over for a dinner party and I've just spilled red wine on the beige couch. "This is why we can't have nice things," he turns and explains to them. "This is why we can't have nice things." Ugh.

I didn't have the heart to tell him. Maybe he'd discover it. Maybe he wouldn't. Probably he would. But I couldn't tell him just then - As he looked back at me with his own puppy dog eyes that seemed to say he'd known he'd been good and deserved a treat (and not another disappointment). And he looked at me the way he often does - like maybe somewhere in his head he's thinking he's the lucky one. But he would be wrong. I am the lucky one. It's me.

I don't need lots of nice things. I only need one nice thing - and that - is him.


WashingTina said...

Uhm, no, I'm exactly this clumsy. I'll often "injure" my WH and say, "But I didn't mean to." He has said for years, "One day you're going to kill me and all you'll be able to say is, 'But I didn't mean to.'" Yeah, it's that bad. :) BUT...he loves me anyway and, I don't think he worries too much about his impending demise at my hands.

Jolene said...

THAT is hysterical. I'm sorry, I do have to laugh, but yea, this would happen to me and I'd feel like a total fail! He sounds like a doll, though, so easy going. I love that!! (and what, no shower together?!)

Toddy said...

Washingtina- thanks for the comment. For those of you who liked this clumsy post, Tina writes some great mishaps with her own clumsiness on her blog. Here are some good ones:

1) Pointe of Contention (a ballet class gone bad)

2)Moon over Washington

3)Feeling Exposed

Tricia said...

Okay, I have one question:

Has he let you know he's found the lipstick stain yet!?

CupcakesDC said...

Aww, cute! I'm sure he finds it endearing. Guys love fixing things anyway, so the more you break, the happier you may make him!

Toddy said...

Tricia - NO. he hasn't mentioned anything to me about the lipstick stain. Though its NOT unusual for us to go the entire work day without talking via email or text because he is VERY VERY FOCUSED at work and not a social media junkie like the rest of us. Wondering why that was your big question? Meaning if he said something he didn't care or to warn me for next time? Or if he hadn't that he didn't want me to feel bad? What?

Jolene- yes. yes. its funny. I laugh at myself most of the time when I am clumsy because what else can I do? But sometimes it does get maddening and frustrating to be such a tornado of mass destruction. As to the shower thing- neither of us are morning people. We like to get in and get out. You're telling me you can share a shower and get in and get out quickly?? I doubt that. Also if you have to share the water you get COLD IN WINTER!!!! Not a sexy answer, but the honest one.

Mepper- I can ONLY hope that that is the case. He did FIX HIS OWN SINK recently so his handy. On the other hand I once heard that guys like to marry women that will make good wives and mothers. Clean, orderly, mature, can take care of themselves and others. Not complete crazy messes. hah.

suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic] said...

Yikes! You're a walking disaster! :) Not in a bad way though. Good cover-up on the blue. Hopefully it'll go away with baking soda?

andy said...

Can we get a twitpic of the rug stain??

Toddy said...

Andy- hahahahha. very funny. next time I spill dark blue liquid all over my bf's expensive belongings I'll be sure to take the time to take a picture of the damage before I try to clean it up in haste and in hiding.

Suki- I laughed out loud when I read "walking diaster", then it kinda made me sad that it was true. Then I shrugged and thought, "isn't the first time someone said that about me, won't be the last." we all have our own crosses to bear in life I suppose... *le sigh* :-)

Kissing and Other Disasters said...

ha. i love this post! and i feel like we can all relate to it. at least he seems like he doesn't mind

Toddy said...

Kissing Disasters -- so glad you read this one and commented as this is DEFINITELY a post that involves dating DISASTER!!!! you are right he does NOT seem to mind. More evidence to provide he is IN FACT a REAL UNICORN!!!! *girly squeal*

C said...

hahahahaha ohhh this is too, too cute. and like several people have commented - the story of my life as well! I have been in that same situation more than a few times. This was cleverly written, really funny and fun to read. Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh break today! :)

Toddy said...

C- What a wonderful compliment to me. Really. You made my day! So glad you enjoyed my writing. This one was fun to write and that took away some of the sting of being such a clumsy fail at life this morning. Cheers, T!

Susanlee said...

I'm this clumsy too. I fell 3 times going into the mall last week, and it wasn't even icy. You are not alone. Also, I'm kind of in love with Mr.U. You are one lucky, lucky girl. But you know what? He's lucky too.

Also, I tried to send you an email, answering some of your questions. It didn't work. email me: susan.brinkley (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Sassy Marmalade said...

Hahaha, this is funny! I'm impossibly clumsy as well, but it usually involves injury to myself. So I don't have to worry about having carpet cleaner on hand. ;) Cute.

MA said...

this story.

makes the unicorn seem more real, yanno?

Toddy said...

Sassy- Glad you liked it. This was definitely a fun one to write. Even though it was at my own expense.

Vittoria-Its funny that you think that this makes the UNICORN more real because in this scenario he was still pretty perfect. I was the one whose shit was a total mess. Hahah. But yeah, maybe I do need to shed some light on his imperfections if only to show that he actual exists. Which he does. :-)

D said...

Hey! Thanks for posting! Can't wait to catch up on your blog :)