Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Man! - (Re)Meeting the Unicorn

I wasn't supposed to go to that party. I didn't even know why he invited me. I hadn't seen him in over a decade. And though we'd become facebook friends years ago, we never really reconnected. Yet somehow he got my email address and he genuinely and enthusiastically kept emailing me asking me if I was going to come to his New Year's Eve house party.

"What could it hurt," I thought. If this guy really wants me to come to his party that badly, then I could make an appearance early on in the evening and then head out to my later events. Right?

So I brought along my friend D with a bottle of champagne in my purse and I had every intention of drinking that bottle, saying a few hellos, and then continuing on my merry way.

Instead, I found a warm welcome. He seemed really surprised and happy that I'd come. He introduced me to everyone. Smart, interesting, successful and nice, normal people. Which is harder to find in D.C. then you'd think. The nice part. And the normal part.

We went to elementary school together. And while he looked pretty much the same, that was all I knew about him. In contrast, he seemed to remember everything about me.

"How do you remember all this about me?" I asked him. "You are very memorable," he said. "But I don't remember hanging out with you that much?" (I couldn't help but persist in my inquiry on the origins of his very detailed personal accounts of my pre-adolescence.) "You dated my best friend. Remember? You and K and me and him. We used to hang out all the time after school and at your house. Remember? "Oooooooh yeah...That's right!" It was still a little fuzzy and I still don't have vivid memories of this but glimpses of the past were starting to come back to me.

Let me take a break from the story to explain that friends and I have been recently discussing that an eligible man Might as Well be a Unicorn. A mythical creature that despite our constant and focused quest, might never be found. Our requirements? Slightly taller, employed, single (like really actually single) and...that's it. (Okay, also maybe not bat-shit crazy, but other than that...). And I'd started to give up searching. Pretty much given up hope and resigned myself to being a good friend, daughter, co-worker and aunt - working hard, and playing harder and I'd gotten very good at being alone.

And just went I stopped looking, (isn't that always the way) I definitely found a Unicorn. He has a great job. He owns (oh my god owns!) his own apartment in Dupont. And though I'm not sure how much taller he is - probably only very slightly (as I think I was much taller than him in my very tall boots last night), I still think he just makes it over the mark. And he is single. Like really really actually single.

And beyond meeting the base criteria, he is so much more. He is actually from DC like me and gets why that is such a point of pride and debate. He can't believe he moved back to DC but can't help it because he just loves it here so much. Just like me. And he does something with his life that contributes to the greater community, which is something I hope to do sooner rather than later. He is all of that, but ultimately he's just a nice, normal person as well. Unimaginable.

I watched him walk around being a good host, chatting with everyone and refilling their drinks. But then he always came back to me. I could tell he wanted to talk to me. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed and interesting and beautiful. And I could've talked to him all night. About anything. About nothing.

Needless to say, I was enchanted and I never made it to any of my other events that night. I was at this small no-frills house party where I basically knew no one and I was having an incredible time.

Then it came time for midnight. When the ball finally dropped, I turned to D first to give her a hug and a kiss on both cheeks and then all of a sudden I found myself dipped backwards. He had grabbed me from behind, took me in his arms and planted a kiss on me that was just...Wow. I tried to think of a way to describe it but there is no way to explain. It was just wow. A big kiss with power behind it. Amazing.

All night we had been looking right into each other's eyes. While others told stories of travel and business and the like. And it just felt...right. To stand next to him. To be with him.

After he kissed me, he pulled me back upright from the dip. He looked right into my eyes again and then he said, "I'm coming for you." I shook my head and said "What?" And he said again, "I'm coming for you." "Come again?" I replied, still confused. "I'm gonna call you. And we're going to go out. And then I'm gonna call you again and we're gonna go out. Again. I'm coming for you."

I stood there in complete disbelief, no doubt with a dumb grin on my face. "Ok," I said. "What?" he said. "Ok," I said. "Come again?" he said. "OK!" I said. "Okay, then," he said.

And then I drank way too much and we talked about who knows what and at some point D dragged me out of there and home in a taxi. (Thank you! Thank you, D! for dragging me out of there before I made a complete drunken idiot of myself.)

And I'm scared. Terrified if you must know. Because I realized if something actually turned out with someone for a change it would be really hard to be a part of a couple again. I've gotten so set in my ways. To doing what I want, when I want. To working all the time and sleeping in a bed alone spreading my whole body over the whole mattress. It's going to be really hard to compromise again. To deal with the quirks and crankiness and humanity of another human being. To trust someone again. To open myself up to the possibility of heartache. Again. To be a partner. To find my mind wandering to the date planned for next Tuesday or the kiss from last week, when I should be working or reading or writing. I hate that.

Now maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Of course, I know I am. Maybe he'll never call. Maybe we'll never go out. Or maybe we will in fact date and the chemistry of a New Year's Eve champagne kiss won't be there anymore.

But no matter what happens, I can tell you this. He is a Unicorn. An Eligible man. They do exist and they are out there. Just when I'd given up hope, I found one. One worthy of giving a chance to. Worthy of getting to know. Worthy of a really great woman. And maybe I'm that woman.

He's definitely not what I expected or hoped for - he's not the tall, muscled, full-head of dark hair, man of my dreams. By any means. But he is a Unicorn. One that's been hiding under my nose my entire life.

And he said he's coming for me. And I said okay. And I meant it, in my heart. "Okay." As if to say, "Okay, it's time." And I've been waiting a very very long time. I wasn't supposed to go to that party. But I did. I never noticed this man before, but now I have. Maybe that's all the magic you really need.

Here's hoping your New Year brings all of you a little magic as well and Cheers,


DateMeDC said...

You can TOTALLY change the tucking in shirts thing with a few well-placed hints.

Congrats! Glad you had a great night, and here's to many more!

Toddy said...

DateMe- Thanks for commenting. I'll keep the tucked shirt tip in mind if I do end up with this guy. FOR. SURE.

DefJamDemocrat said...

This sounds like it's straight out of a romantic comedy - guy there all along but never noticed. Sounds like you went to the right party after all - especially since I know what the other party was. Good luck!

Toddy said...

DefJam- thanks! I know the post is a little cheesy but it was fun to write. Im hoping something comes out of this with this guy but regardless its a great story and that was SOME kiss!!

Meppers said...

How romantic! Keep us updated!

Marta said...

This is a seriously cute/romantic New Year's story! Kind of magical! I Agree with DateMeDC - bad style can be changed as long as there isn't too much to change! I did it with ugly shoes!

Looking forward to hearing more about this guy!

Anonymous said...

Well, you had me until "Democrat".

lol, just kidding.

I can't believe he did that. Wow. I'm seriously speachless. That was so bold, so... every girls dream?

If I ever get over this cold and can drink again, I'll toast to you finding a unicorn, and then I'll toast again to the hopes of me finding one! lol

Glad you had a NYE to remember!

Toddy said...

Meppers, Marta, Quarters- thanks for reading and especially for commenting. Wishing you all luck in love in the New Year! -T

Sassy Marmalade said...

Glad it was such a great night with a great story! Don't get too far ahead of yourself tho ... ;)

C_Girl said...

OMG this story made my day. I am so rooting for you. Maybe 2011 will be the year of the unicorn all over DC!

Toddy said...

Sassy- i promise to keep my wits about me! But cynicisn, caution and practicality dont make for the best story now do they?

C-Girl- thank you so much for the well wishes. I would LOVE to start a trend. Unicorns popping up all over the place coming out of hibernation.

Lemmonex said...

So...have you heard from him?

A single girl... said...

What a great NYE story. Be sure to let us know what happens!

Toddy said...

Lemmonex- he called me the very next day and asked me out. For more info, youll have to check back in w the blog bc im cheeky like that.

Single Girl- thanks for your comment. Im excited to catch up on your blog too! It looks like a good one.

And for anyone else reading this it occurred to me that every person that commented writes great blogs of their own! Esp. About dating and relationships so if thats your thing please click the links on their names and check out their blogs. Cheers, T.

Anonymous said...


As much as we women like to talk about being independent and strong, there's something so romantic about a man that takes charge and tells you he's coming for you. Who will actually COURT you - such an old-fashioned idea, but so completely desirable. (I may be getting completely swept up in this whole chivalry thing, but blame it on the fact that I'm reading Gone With The Wind right now.) It's hard to find a chivalrous and masculine Alpha male in this city...and one so brazen but respectful about you.

Toddy said...

closetrockstar- girl you dont have to tell me about chivalry and swooning. I. am. There. If I can help it, I'm gonna lock this Unicorn down. Just you watch me...

Jolene said...

Wow. that is so awesome! What a great story (and now I 'get' the unicorn reference!). I love a little romance, especially when it's unexpected. Glad you found your man, so great.

suki said...

What a romantic NYE. When you find a unicorn, you just want to catch more glimpses of it! Hope it goes well!

Toddy said...

jolene and suki - thanks for your comments and its always great to get new readers on board checking out my posts especially new readers that are willing and able to COMMENT! bonus! As for how things went, well if someone is reading this comment right now and they haven't read A Date with a Unicorn Parts 1-8 well then hop to it! And cheers, T.

Anonymous said...

i'm totally hooked on this story. i am happily married for 2.5 years now, but sometimes i miss the thrill of dating. specifically, i miss the thrill of dating my hunny when we first met. thanks for helping me remember that part of life. it's not any better than a beautiful, fulfilling, romantic marriage, but in many ways it's more exciting.
by the way, my hunny is a big nerd too, and i maintain that they are the only ones worth spending time on.

any luck with the shirt tucking issue?
follow our foster:

Toddy said...

LoveandaLeash- I adore new readers! Especially new readers who comment. So...thanks for stopping by and if you are TOTALLY HOOKED then lucky you! Because this post "New Year, New Man" was just the beginning. Check out A Date with A Unicorn Parts 1-12 (with possibly 13-15 to come). And Cheers, T.

Toddy said...

LoveandaLeash P.S. I haven't seen any untucked shirts since that first night so maybe it was a fluke? hah. He is a waaaaay better dresser than me. A closet full of gorgeous suits and shirts and ties and cozy hip sweaters and properly fitting jeans. I'm gonna have to step up my game as it turns out. Also-agreed-nerds are where its add! Cheers, T.