Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Date With a Unicorn Pt3: Asked Out on Second Date

I like a man who says what he's going to do. What girl doesn't?

The morning after my first date with Mr. Unicorn I received an email...

"Still interested in Friday? A late dinner and drinks?" He suggested a few options of how we should spend our evening. Fun things. Unorthodox things.

Which says to me he wants to impress me. He wants me to have a good time. He's actively thinking about how to ensure that I have that good time. Oh and not to mention the fact that less than 24 hours after our first date he's concentrating on planning the second. It's flattering and amazing and makes me like him even more (if that's possible).

I confirm Friday. But I tell him it's up to him to decide the details. I don't say this, but I do think that it's the man's job (at least at the beginning) and I'm up for whatever anyways. It's true, I am. As long as it's a date with him, it can't go wrong at this point I'm convinced.

We email all day on Wednesday and Thursday. He's dorky and goofy and funny and sincere. And we make plans. We flirt. We joke. We are kind and polite with one another. I find it very hard to focus on my work.

He tells me: "Counselor, I think we're going to get along just fine."
I say: "Oh yeah, what makes you say that?"
He says: "Do you want me to write you a legal brief on the matter?"

The truth is, I want him to brief me on it all.

I remember the last time I felt this excited for a date. About a guy. When it was THE GUY. A guy you don't know about because it's been too painful to write about him. A love story I can't relive, even in non-fiction blog writing. I wish he didn't factor into this. But of course he does. The one thing that might fuck this all up for me, because the loss of that love changed me forever. Scarred me forever. Closed my heart to possibilities and weighed me down with baggage, forever? (I thought so, but maybe not.)

But suddenly with a new year, a new man and a new kiss, maybe that heart has reopened. After all these years. Just like we've reconnected after all these years. To possibilities, to love, to happiness. Here's hopin', wish me luck and...




Sassy Marmalade said...

I know this is going to sound unbearably sappy, but I think it's true. When the right man comes along, I think the baggage isn't necessarily irrelevant, but it seems to fade into the past more easily. At least that's how it was with me, and I had some serious baggage when I met The Dude.

Toddy said...

oh I have SERIOUS BAGGAGE. I think it has something to do with dating about 30 fuckwits and also being adopted. But at some point you have to grow up, be an adult and give someone a REAL CHANCE without sabotaging it. Right? Right. I'm working on it. Cheers, T.