Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Date with a Unicorn: Part 13

Okay, so you didn't really expect the perfect to last forever did you? Okay, so maybe I did and maybe you did too. But the spell had to break. And boy did it ever. Mr. Unicorn and I shared a couple of rocky days starting with a miserable night of sleep. Or perhaps I should say miserable night without sleep...

The first time I stayed over at Mr. U's on a night before a work day, neither of us slept a wink. We tossed and turned and tried to get comfortable. But couldn't. His apartment was too dry. I coughed. And coughed. And coughed. And then I coughed some more. He is always cold and likes things hot. The temperature in the room, the amount of blankets. The suffocating comforter. I fuckin' hate that comforter. I'd like to burn that comforter some day while Mr. U is at work. Which might have helped you guess, that in direct contrast, I am always hot and like things colder.

INSERT groan, moan, deep sigh, and primordial scream here. geeeeeeeeeeeeezus just let me get some shut eye!

After a restless night, I was exhausted. Not only had it been a long night, but it had been a long weekend before. I'd been traveling up north to ski and party with my old college friends for four days. The day before I'd gotten up, skied for 3 hours. Cleaned a country house. Packed up my belongings. Sat in a car crammed next to a travel companion while simultaneously being jabbed by metal ski equipment in my side for three hours. Then I'd gotten on a train for 3 and a half hours. Lugged my luggage on the DC Metro. And lastly mustered up every ounce of energy I had left to spend some quality time with Mr. U for several hours. After all that - I was running on fumes.

In the morning, it is safe to say I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I might as well have gotten up on the wrong side of the universe for all the hate and angry and ugly and cranky I had in my head and my heart. Needless to say, I wasn't the most pleasant person to be around as I got up at the crack of dawn and started getting ready for work. And to top it all off, it wasn't my space you know? Not my shower. Not my sink. Not my closet. Not my room. I was getting ready out of a suitcase jammed with big puffy made-for-snow ski clothes that seemed to drown out my normal work wear and every day items like my hair brush, pantyhose, etc. I couldn't find anything. I slipped in the shower. The lights were SO friggin bright too.

Alright, I'll just admit it. I. AM NOT. A MORNING PERSON. To begin with. If I haven't had my coffee yet - don't talk to me. On second thought, don't even come near me. Some crazy monster takes over my body. I'm like....I'll just say it....insane. And mean. This is not my best quality. Nor was this one of my best moments. By far.

Meanwhile, Mr. U goes into work about 2-3 hours later than me on average. The jerk. So he was all warm and cuddly in bed as I showered and got dressed. And he just lay there, all doe-eyed, watching me. It was. to say the least. annoying.

"Stop watching me," I barked at him. "But I like watching you," he said sleepily. "Well you're making me self-conscious. And its...annoying," I retorted back at him. "Okay," he said startled and turned over in the bed away from me.

What the fuck was my problem?? You know when you are being COMPLETELY awful? Like the worst version of yourself? And you do or say things or when its really bad DO and SAY things that are just so awful awful but you can't stop yourself? It's an out of body experience watching yourself be a jack ass willing yourself from your core to shut the eff up and not be hideous, but the train keeps flying towards the crash and ultimate wreckage. It can't be stopped. It just steam rolls ahead to shittiness.

And then it got worse.

I had pretty much turned off all the lights because they were so unbelievably bright my sensitive, non-caffeinated eyes couldn't take the exposure. When Mr. U got up, he started to turn on the lights. "No lights," I almost screached. "Well, what about if I put them on the dimmer..." "No lights," I said again firmly. "Whaaaaat-eeverrr," he mumbled and closed the door to the bathroom.

Oh....shit. I'd finally done it. I'd finally gone and shown my true colors, my worst version of myself, to Mr. U, and lets be honest - it was not a pretty sight.

When I finally got ready, I basically tapped my feet and looked at Mr. U and said: "Well aren't you going to walk me to the door?" "Yes! Yes, I was! I just didn't know you were ready." "I'm ready," I said. And I was. I was ready to get the eff out of there and get some coffee. (Mr. U doesn't drink coffee or tea and therefore had no stimulants what so ever in the apartment. This is the kind of lifestyle that makes me wonder if he is in fact a real live living breath human being because I of course am made up of 35% coffee surging through my veins, internal organs and skin pores at all times. At. all. times.)

"Good luck today" he said as he kissed me goodbye. "I don't need luck," I answered as I stepped out into the morning. "I just need coffee." The door shut behind me.

So what happened next? I got some coffee. A lot of coffee. I went to work. And I worked - hard - like super hard- (out of necessity) - for several hours. Finally I took another coffee break (okay I know I have a real problem but please don't judge me right now I'm baring my heart out here for you people) with one of my co-workers. I slumped into a chair in our lounge and it dawned on me. I was a bitch. I was a total and utter bitch. I was and am a complete fucking bitch. I have this perfect man. Who treats me like ridiculously amazing. Who is completely patient and kind and wonderful. And I go all bat shit crazy mega-bitch on him. Fuck me. Fuck my life. I'm a bitch. Fuck.

"What am I going to do?" I basically yelped to my co-worker. "What. am. I. going. to. do.? My perfect man has finally seen that I am a totally ridiculously bitchy awful person and I am never going to hear from him again. I am like, totally fucked. "

"T," she said calmly. "You're being overdramatic. Per usual. You probably weren't that bad." (Oh but we all know now that I was). "I'm sure you'll get some cute, sweet email or text from him in the next couple of hours and all will be forgotten." "You think so?" I asked desperately. "I do," she said.

But I didn't. I didn't get an email or a text or a phone call. It was silent.

Which was unusual for Mr. U who usually sent me an email or a text, albeit short and to the point, about every morning. "Have a good day." "Hope you are having a good day." "I'm thinking of you." "Looking forward to seeing you later." And so on. But this morning...and then this afternoon...for the first time. I got nothing. Nadda. Zilch. Zippidee-doo-dah-day. And I can't blame the guy. Like I said, I was a bitch. I wouldn't wanna talk to me either.

As the longest day I'd experienced in an even longer time ticked painstakingly by, tick-tock, tick-tock, minute by minute, hour by hour...I realized I would have to be the one to initiate contact. And apologize. Like really apologize.

So I did. I got on the computer and typed out the following email. "I'm sorry if I was cranky this morning. I. was and am. exhausted. But that's no excuse. Hope you are having a good and productive day and managing to stay awake yourself. T."

To which he replied, several hours later the following: "No worries about this morning. You are more than welcome (you are invited!) to stay again tonight."

To which I replied: "I think we need a good night sleep OR we will kill each other and all possibility of future sleepovers. It's hard sleeping with someone new initially."

To which he replied: "Agreed."

There you have it. The rose colored glasses came off. For both of us. I say with certainty that not everything is greener on the couple side of the grass. For example, sharing a bed sucks. At least at first. (I'll let you know if it gets any better in the future). And if you've read any of my earlier pre-Unicorn era posts when I talked about being single - spreading out over my entire cozy, deliciously soft and endlessly large bed - is and remains my favorite thing about being it. I love to sleep. I love to sleep long and often. And I prefer to sleep alone.

When I saw Mr. U later that evening, I apologized again for my childlike tantrums and he waved his hand in the air nonchalantly and assured me: "You really weren't that bad. I completely understand what you were saying about the lights. I really think you think you're less of a good person than you are sometimes."

Liar. He's a liar. I was awful. He knows it. And I know it. But he didn't want to upset me. He didn't want to dwell on it. And we both wanted to move on. After all, developing any kind of a relationship between two people (since no two people are exactly alike) requires ample amounts of patience, understanding and forgiveness. In this case, Mr. U displayed all three. And I couldn't be more thankful for that.

And he's lucky he did. Because not long thereafter, he needed a little patience, understanding and forgiveness, from yours truly.


Sassy Marmalade said...

This sounds more like real life! :) I feel relieved after reading - no relationship can survive forever as a fairy tale romance. Glad you guys are starting to encounter - and work through! - the normal relationship kinks.

And hope the sleeping situation improves soon! I pretty much hate sleeping alone (the bed feels so big and empty!) and absolutely love having The Dude next to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, all that and he still likes you! WAY TO GO!! :)

I always have a hard time sleeping in the same bed as someone new... I think this is why some couples sleep in separate rooms. I used to think that was crazy but now I'm thinking it might be a good idea.

All right... ON WITH THE STORY!

Kissing and Other Disasters said...

this moment had to eventually happen... and i like that he acted all cool about it and tried to play it off like nothing. I can only assumes that means he likes you.
and I completely agree with sassy marmalade. I'm glad that you are now in this non-fairy tale relationship.

and once you get past the awkward new bed situation, everything will work out.


C_Girl said...

Oh, I am so with you...I love everything about sleeping with someone I like except, you know, the sleeping.

WashingTina said...

First of all, WH and I still have nights like that. Tossing, turning, hot, cold, etc. I'm ALWAYS cold. He's always warm. I'd sleep undernath a polar bar covered in a cashmere blanket if I could, while he's happy with a sheet. That's just the way it goes....

I have been "uncontrollably awful" as well. We all do that, and then regret it later--and I think we're always worse in our heads than we actually are (I hope). And mornings, just no. NO. Nobody should be forced to be civil before noon (I blogged about this not too long ago, in fact). I'm glad the "real" T showed herself (not a bitch). That's where you build from!!! :)

C said...

Oh my, these are words from my heart. I am so grouchy and evil in the morning I have made people cry. Oh yes, it's that bad. I suppose people is incorrect - mostly just my mother. Either way, I'm completely awful and horrible. I also completely agree with your take on sleeping alone being THE BEST PART of being single. Dude, it's my space, it's my sleep - don't fuck with it. haha

I'm glad you sent him the email apologizing. I think beyond seeing the "real" versions of each other, that helped break the unsustainable precedent in your relationship of him being the only initiator and the one in charge. For me reading that. I was relieved with you when he responded saying all was well. I definitely know that feeling of panic and immediate relief when you realize you HAVEN'T actually just mucked everything up. That said, it is silly that we would think that, right? Let's give men more credit to handle and appreciate even our imperfections :)

DefJamDemocrat said...

Ditto quarter. ON WITH THE STORY! I'm ready to hear more.

Toddy said...

Wow guys, I am overwhelmed by all your great comments!!!

Sassy-Glad you are relieved. I am happy to report that the sleeping situation has already IMPROVED but is not excellent-yet. We shall see. Fingers crossed.

Quarter-Glad you want to hear more! theres a little more. not much more though. So enjoy!

Kissing-He better like me! Read Pt 14 which is not posted. I can be a force to be reckoned with. A whole can of crazy and a jar of whoop ass. I certainly hope things do work out. Hoping. hoping.

C-Girl- exactly!

Washingtina-I'm still scared for him to see THE REAL ME. Because, what if he doesn't like THE REAL ME? But I guess if he doesn't like THE REAL ME then he doesn't really like ME. So while I'm scared to be myself, its the only way...

C-I definitely think I'm worse than I am, and you are definitely right I owe him some credit. I mean, if he were going to run at the first sign of cranky or the first weakness then he doesn't deserve all the high praise I've given him over the last month. So true.

DefJam-You want more? You got it. Go check out Pt. 14.

Thank you thank for the comments and support and Cheers! -T.

Clicking Frogs said...

I'm slowly getting caught up on Mr. U, so you probably have this worked out now, but my first night with Shiny New Bike was about the same. I had my dog with me and we were both so restless and couldn't sleep. I seriously thought about leaving at 3:00 a.m. and going home, but he talked me out of it. I thought there was no way I was ever going to sleep at his house again. Well, it definitely got better and much more comfortable.

Toddy said...

Clicking-its definitely improved exponentially. but its still not a full night of good sleep. ah well...