Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Not To Wear?

I am hopeless when it comes to fashion. I have never denied this. Nor really tried to hide it. I think I'm a nice, normal looking girl. I think I dress nice and normal to match. I always look "nice" people tell me. But no one ever asks me where I bought this dress or that skirt. Or the designer name of my... well... anything. Ever. This is something I'd like to be better at. Now that I'm approaching 30 years of age and a lawyer working at a big firm and...well...a grown-up.

This is something I'd especially like to be better at when my boyfriend tells me that he's been invited to the fancy birthday bash of the senior partner at his firm and the senior partner has specifically, explicitly, by-name, invited not just the bf, but yours truly. "I would sooooo love it if your girlfriend, Toddy could also attend. Please extend the invitation to her will you?"

When Mr. U extended the invitation it was more like a - yes you will go to this with me because its an important professional opportunity for me - and please dear god go with this to me - because - well because you must.

I, of course, am going. I'm the lawyer in the relationship after all. And I have never been invited to do anything with a senior partner myself. Ever. For anything. I don't even think I've ever had a senior partner ask me to do anything by name.

But this is where the generally sucking at being a woman thing comes in.

What in the eff am I gonna wear?
How in the eff am I going to do my makeup?
My hair?
My skin is still scary vampire-ish pasty white from summer, will I scare the Sr partner off?

Do I go buy a new dress, new shoes?
Do I get my makeup done at the MAC counter?
Do I get my hair blown out or an updo at a salon?
Should I get a spray tan?


Should I dress as best as I can, the "nice" and "normal" girl I typically embody? - with as best makeup as I can do, assume the pale skin will look Victorianly beautiful and appropriate (as if I blew in from a different era) and rely on the fact that my dark, brunette hair was just recently cut and looks fantastically healthy and shiny and...

Hope for the best?

If only I had any idea - What not to wear.

*Le sigh*


Maura said...

My votes:

- Hell yes to the new dress and shoes! I'm sure you already have something lovely, but hello, you have an exucse to shop. Take advantage!

- I got my makeup done at the MAC counter once and ended looking like I was going to a party in drag. Just sayin'

- Blow outs: always fabulous.

- Spray tans: thumbs down. Embrace your Victorian white skin. I try to do the same here in sunny LA :)

Have a ball! Can't wait to hear about it.

Jolene said...

ummm new dress and shoes? NOT even a QUESTION! YES!! Better yet - show options on your blog and we'll help you pick :)

Susanlee said...

Red or plum dress,ruffles. Pale skin (spray tan stinks). Hair...I don't know how long it is, or how formal the occasion, but part up, part down is classic and classy. Makeup...Clinique counter. With MAC you risk veering into drag queen territory.

You'll be beautiful.

Queen of Crazy said...

Dress from Banana/JCrew/Ann Taylor (depending on how uppity.

Professional blowdry. Makeup from Bobbi Brown (with foundation from either Armani or Lancome. Best ever.

Nail polish like a black vamp or a pale pink.


Sarah said...

I say go for the new clothes, but do your own hair and makeup. You don't want to look like you tried too hard. xx

freckledk said...

Keep the pasty complexion, do your own hair and makeup, and only buy a new dress and/or shoes if it won't stress you out to do so. Otherwise, wear your favorite frock and OWN IT.

I'm sure that, whatever you do, you'll be the belle of the ball. ENJOY YOURSELF!

suicide_blond said...

i only go to the MAC counter if i want to look like a streetwalker (sometimes ..i do)
although i do have the name of a wonderful makeup artist if you wanna go that route..
blowouts are great for feeling fab...updos are bit too bridesmaid/prom for my tastes...
A new dress if you want seems completely appropriate..but when the event is super important to me..i want a dress with a proven track record... so if you have a fave LBD that you ALWAYS feel great in.. grab a big fan of letting my shoes and accessories make the statement around a classic silhouette of a dress...
break a leg...
let us know how it turns out...

IntrigueMe said...

Buy yourself a new dress, because, well... why NOT?!! But do your own make up and do something simple but classy with your hair. You'll look fabulous no matter what, I'm sure.

I would totally shop with you if I lived closer!