Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Math Teacher - Part 1

A mutual friend - "He actually likes you."

Me - "He does?"

The mutual friend - "Yes he does. He's just afraid of being the rebound guy."

Me - "But he is the rebound guy."

Friend - "Sometimes a rebound guy becomes a not-a-rebound guy."

Me - "But, I'm a mess."

Friend - "You are kind of a mess."


Andy said...

Hate this guy.

Heather said...

Could you rope Andy into another guest blog about why he is so against this guy?

Andy said...

I could write a thesis.

Toddy said...

Hey Heather, be careful what you wish for. Check out Andy's guest post in response to your question. And thanks for encouraging the entry. I love guest posts. And comments. And readers. I think that covers it. Cheers, T.

P.S. Andy -- how do you really feel?


Susanlee said...

For now, I'm still pro-Math Teacher. I think your friend is right, he wants to be more than just a rebound. Maybe Andy is just secretly hoping he'll get to be the post-rebound guy.

Justin was my rebound guy...and now we're married, in our complicated way.

Toddy said...

Susanlee- I didn't know Justin was your rebound guy! craziness. Have you ever blogged about that?