Monday, October 3, 2011

The Math Teacher: The Prologue

"Math is a lot like love - a simple idea, but it can get complicated..."

Oh my dear readers,

How I abandoned you. And how I am sorry. I kept putting writing off about the Math Teacher because sooooo much was happening and sooo much was happening so fast. The trip to New York City. The shared athletic team meet-ups. Trivia and karaoke nights. Bbqs and camping trips.

He met my parents. I met his siblings.

And then he said I love you one morning. "I love you," he said first thing when I woke up and looked at him. "What?" I said in utter shock and disbelief. "I love you," he said back at me. And I like a complete flabbergasted idiot said: "Well, that's a nice thing to say." Gaaaah! I later apologized and said that I was just surprised. "No one was more surprised than me," he told me back.

And then I said I loved him back.

And then I started staying at his place twice a week instead of one and then 3x a week. Then 5. Then I hadn't been home in 9 days and now....

We are moving in together!

I wish I could have articulated ever kiss. Every wink. Every heartfelt confession. Or described how someone becomes your best friend when you aren't watching. Your confidante. Your rock. But maybe I was too busy being happy to write. Or life was too busy being lived to stop and observe it.

Whatever the case, instead of trying to relive the past, I will try to find you again by contemplating the future. Maybe some of you are still out there to read me, maybe not. But I'll try to re-emerge and find the words, for all those things for which there seem to be no words.

I've missed you all and Cheers,



Jolene said...

ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I was just thinking - literally yesterday - about you and wondering what happened with the Math Teacher. I am SO glad you went for it...and wow, my post now certainly rings true for you today, doesn't it? Yay!!! <-is that enough puppies and rainbows excitement for you?!

vvk said...

Congratulations... :-)

The past is important, but only in what you learn from it and how you can apply that knowledge towards the future. If you spend too much time trying to document and articulate the past, you forget the future. You lived the past, and you'll remember what's worth remembering.


FoggyDew said...

Good for you. Nice repsonse time there on the first "I love you" ... although when you're expecting "good morning" it might, maybe, just perhaps, be a bit understandable.

Good luck.

J said...

Holy crap, this is quite an update! Congrats, very exciting news!

suki said...

My response when Ryan first said that to me was "No you don't!" :p Guess we all have our odd ways of reacting.

:) Congrats on moving in. Hope it all leads to the best.

D said...

congrats toddy!!! soo happy for you! you've come such a long way! enjoy every second and keep us updated!

Anonymous said...


suicide_blond said...

good on you..

Rachel said...

YAY! I love love, and I'm glad you two are in it.

Currently procrastinating writing my own blog post by reading yours... so it's all your fault! ;)

Susanlee said...