Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blackout Drunk Blind Date Guy?

I'm not proud of this. And it's slightly mortifying and embarassing to admit this to you all, but I was three sheets to the wind, out of control, blackout drunk last night. Well I don't really remember being out of control. I remember being super duper excited to see friends I hadn't seen in weeks or even months. And playing beer pong. And almost going home with BeardGuy who has been trying to get with me since the rager house party I threw back in March. And I remember not having to pay for any of my drinks, CrazyGirl in a MillerLite girl get-up or referee costume, some sexy ninja turtles (who knew that was possible?), some heavymetal punks and walking several miles before getting in a cab b/c I was too hammered to use my Metro app to figure out where the closest station was. I can also clearly recall more than a few people telling me, "wow, T, you are really drunk!" It happens.

What I can't remember, even the tiniest spec or iota about, is Blackout Drunk Guy. Or shall we call him "Unknown Guy?" Or "MyAmnesiaGuy" or "Self-Imposed Blind Date" Guy? Or "How Bad Could He Be Guy?" I'm open to suggestions.

But recollection or not, at 2:33 this afternoon, the day after, I received a phone call and a voice message from a Virginia number (meaning local) that said the following: "Hey, it's X from the Halloween Party last night. Uh...just wanted to call and say hi and let you know I had a great time meeting you last night. Um...I was thinking hoping maybe we could meet up some time this week. So give me a call when you get a chance, alright? Okay, bye."

Nice right? A very nice message indeed.

I will say I'm not a huge fan of his name- "X". It's a perfectly normal name like Paul or Andrew but somehow not a name that conjurs up sexiness like Jake or Josh or Brett or Clay. There's something appealing to me about a Trip or Tre or Justin or Bobby and not so instantly pleasing to hear as Aaron or Martin or Lawrence. Parker is cute and Trevor and Travis. John and Matt and Mark and Brendan are all perfectly fine too. But I would rather not a Richard, (heaven forbid a "Dick"), a male "Leslie," Donald (or "Don"), Albert (and "Al") and don't get me started on Wyatt, Walter, George or Burt. Now I know this isn't scientific and totally shallow and that there are exceptions to every rule. Ahem, George Clooney. I just somehow think I'd be more inclined to call this guy back if his name was Will, Jack, Kyle or Ben instead of Daniel, Craig or Harry. I'm just saying. Is anyone with me on this? Do you have names you like or don't like? Are attracted to or not at first introduction? Let me know. I'd love to know I'm not the only one.

But I digress. What I really want to know is, plain and simple, should I go out w/ this guy? I asked this question earlier on twitter and had a couple of lovely ladies thoughtfully and immediately respond. Thanks for that tweeties! And if you're reading this and not following bourbon_toddy on twitter please feel free to do so. Anyways, responses: 1) candacearm replied: "give him a chance! if he actually called, could be a decent guy :)"; 2) DateMeDCBlog commented: "I say give it a shot -- how bad could it be? #dontanswerthat"; and 3) sassymarmalade was doubly helpful with her not one, but two, comments encoraging: "Definitely give him a chance! Tough to find a guy who actually follows through, ya know" and observing "1 - you'll prob be like, "ohhh, yeah, I remember" when you see him. 2 - couldn't be that bad or he'd be calling PM not AM! :)" All excellent points. He did like me, ask for my number and follow through calling to ask me out a day later. And I, even if irreconcilably out of it, did in fact choose to give him my number voluntarily. We hope.

On the other hand, why did he like me? Because I seemed like a wild, loose party girl who would give it up on a first date? Were my breasts falling out of my shirt? I have to wonder. I'm a loud, "vibrant" person sober, so I can only imagine how irresistable the amplied, liquored-up affect must be.

But a date is a date is a date is a date. It's nice to be liked and even nicer to be asked out. So what if he turns out to be too short, too fat, too young, too old, too weird, too crass or likes me for all the wrong reasons. An accidentally one-sided blind date couldn't be any worse than the schlubs I've gotten out with lately with all the knowledge of brains and beauty and bank accounts beforehand. Right?

I don't sound fully convinced do I? You're right. I could use an extra little push. So...I ask of favor of you dear readers. If, and only if, I get 10 comments on this blog entry, urging and insisting me onward, I am gonna pass. However, if I do get those 10 comments, I will immediately call Mr. "X" back and set up a date for later this week. And of course I will blog about it afterwards. Therefore, if you've been on bad blind dates and feel your misery loves company or have never been on one by chance or fear, let me be your guinea pig, let me brave the unknown. I think he might be worth it, if only for the blog fodder. Let me know what you decide.


Candace A. said...

1. Never question WHY someone asked you out...The initial reasons ppl (esp men) are attracted to the opposite sex is usually not the reason we fall in love with that person. Also, while physical attraction is usually a motivating factor for men, they (well, the smart ones) usually require a little more than that in their women (like the ability to carry on an adult conversation).

GO ON THE DATE! He could be the love of your life...or he could just be a nice guy you go on a date with but that's it. Regardless, it's harmless and maybe you'll get a friend out of it....or get laid ;)

Lemmonex said...

Just go on the date. You don't have anything to lose. Even if it is awful, it is great blog material.

Sassy Marmalade said...

Well, you already know what I think! Even if he is short, fat and bald, you guys might fall in love all the same. ;)

As for the names thing, I've only gotten hung up on names when blind-dating. It doesn't turn me off to a guy when I'm face-to-face and totally attracted to him, but it gives me pause when I don't have a face to put with the name and am forced to rely on my imagination. That said, my bf's name is on your sexy list, so I'm spoiled. :)

WashingTina said...

A girl's gotta eat. And, back in the days before WH, I would go out on a first date with anyone. Definitely go for it! I agree with the very least, great blog material!

C_Girl said...

I'm another "definitely do" person. It's a numbers game--you have no compelling reason NOT to go on the date, and in my book that means you SHOULD go. Just make it short and near your work or home so you don't put yourself out too much if he's a dud.

Rachel Manwill said...

I say go. You never know what might happen, and I would be up front about the fact that you were uncharacteristically wasted if he has expectations that seem to live up to that.

Rachel Manwill said...
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Toddy said...

Thank you to all for your swift and sane commentary. You're right you're right, I know you're right. A date's a date, what have I got to lose?

Candace-Whoa whoa whoa, laid huh?! Pimping me out already are we? And he seems to be the first guy in awhile that thinks its great that I'm a lawyer and he knows what I look like even if I don't know what he looks like so I've got some conditions in my favor.

Lemminex- put your big girl panties on and do it already is how you made me feel.

Sassy- i know ur boys name is on the sexy list but is he short fat or bald too? Ill fall in love w/ a bald guy if he falls in love w/ my Irish birthing hips then and only then.

Tina- anyone? Really anyone? Not even a non-crazies criteria? Or 50+ is too old criteria? Or must speak English? :-) id love to know more about this "anyone" phenomena!! I like where your head is at w/ free nosh def!

Cgirl- good advice. Would love to know more about this should-go numbers game mentality.

Rachel-upfront about being wasted?! Gosh! I mean he mustve known right? Its hard for me to call myself out like that but Ill try.

suicide_blond said...

wait a min... so you didnt recognize the number AND you still ANSWERED the phone???? what kind of person are you??? ;-)

Toddy said...

SBlonde-of course not!! I screen all my calls like all smart and self-important single girls! He left a voicemail message. Been enjoying your tweets as of late. Thanks for comment and cheers, T.

Jane Milton said...

I say go for it. When I met my bf, I was plastered from going to three parties, and throwing down shot after shot of whiskey. And I didn't meet him until the last of three parties. And now, we've been dating for 2.5 years. Sometimes, you never know.....