Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Crush

So I met someone.

I know, I know. The usual school girl mania takes over. But I'm trying not to think anything of it. Really I'm not.

So here's what I'm thinking about it...

He's TALL. Like REALLY really really T-A-L-L!!! And SKINNY. And dark-haired. And freckled. And a good map reader. Because everyone knows that the sign of a good man is his ability to navigate his woman through the concrete jungle vis-a-vis her smartphone. Just sayin...

The best part is--I wasn't trying to meet a guy. I had decided there was too much drama in my life lately. So I went out with some friends on a sunny afternoon. And I told myself, "Now, T-you are going to enjoy yourself, you aren't going to be "the planner" of anything, just go with the flow, easy-breezy and be your best version of yourself."

You think I'm kidding right? But unfortunately, I'm not. Hopefully this makes you feel better about your own inner monologue.

When I met up with my girls, I found they had brought along some guys, several of whom I'd never met, and suddenly I found myself shaking the hand of someone totally unexpected and simultaneously once again, like a broken record, warning myself - "uh-oh, here we go again."

I don't know how it happened that it was arranged and made perfect sense for him to come in my car in our carravan of vehicles, but regardless, minutes later I was cruising along in the convertible being bathed in warm sun beams and glancing over at a so-far seemingly nice man in a baseball cap. He kept smiling out from under it his brim, saying "take a right, now a left" and then: "you're gonna wanna slow down about now I think." He didn't know how truly right he really was.

Things don't always go our way. And sometimes we feel like we are in a slump or a rut or just tired of it all. But this day wasn't one of those days. This day was the day where being young is such a privilege. My whole life still ahead of me in all its deliciously frightful uncertainty. And the thought of a little crush turning into something more, just makes you think (even though you aren't allowed to think anything about it) that some thing tells you, you just might be into something good.

Cheers to "something good" for all of us this week.



Susanlee said...

Squeee!!! I -told- you!!

Alice said...

i LOVE that early-relationship feeling, when everything's all girl-crushy in a totally pleasant way that you want to soak up and revel in... yay!!

Toddy said...

Susanlee- I am quickly becoming convinced that you are ALWAYS right.

Alice- thanks for your comment and yes, yes! Exactly!