Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some People Just Suck

Yesterday a woman spilled her hot coffee all over my arm when the train lurched forward on the Dupont metro platform.

"Geez, I'm sorry," she said fervently.

As I rolled up the sleeve of my now soaking wet work dress I said: "I appreciate that, but it wouldn't have happened if you didn't have your coffee on the metro. You know, you're not supposed to have coffee on the metro?"

She scrunched up her face at me and sourly retorted back: "It's tea. Not coffee."

"What?" I said incredulously.

"It's tea not coffee," she replied again, this time with smug conviction.

"Tea. Coffee. Okay-you're not supposed to have hot liquid or any liquid on the Metro."

"Whatever," she mumbled as she took a sip of her "tea" (glad we clarified that) and turned away from me disinterested.

Um, yeah....sometimes people just suck. My arm was wet all morning. My soul might be angry forever.


Lula said...

"My soul might be angry forever"? Really?? You must be a pretty miserable person if something that insignificant is going to anger your soul forever.

Toddy said...

Hi Lulu,

thanks for your comment. obviously I was just KIDDING about the forever part. Or being that angry. I was just being funny/dramatic. Sometimes when someone is rude, or inconsiderate it can set your day off on the wrong foot or just really get to you. The Soul angry part is just how you might feel in that moment. but not forever.



Rachel said...

You should've "accidentally" lurched into her a minute later... so hard that her tea deposited itself all over her face. Whoops!

suki said...

doesn't matter if it's tea/coffee/water. spilling something you're not supposed to have anyway is annoying.

Terry@ Online Dating Emails said...

Ahh that behavior was really nasty!!! bitch!!

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